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… Or, simply a mom of cats! Mother’s Day is tomorrow and whether she has two legged children or four legged fur babies every mom likes to be remembered on her special day.

But, are you still scrambling for a last minute gift idea that won’t break the budget?

Here’s a list of cat themed gifts that any cat loving mom or mom of cats will love.


As a mom myself I know there is little I enjoy more than spending time with my daughters. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean a fancy dinner or an expensive gift. Bundle mom into the car and take a drive to your favorite specialty coffee shop … maybe you are even lucky enough to have a cat café nearby. Let mom relax in a comfy chair while you ask the barrista to make a latte or cappuccino with a cat in the foam. Some of these barristas are super talented and it almost feels a shame to drink the coffee.


Check your local listings! A trip to the local theater is always a nice afternoon or evening out. KEDI is now out in mainstream theaters. If you haven't heard about this movie, trust me on this one, any cat loving mom will love it. You can read more about the movie in my KEDI blog post.


No problem if mom is more of homebody or the budget is really tight. Make mom some snacks that the whole family can enjoy at home. Nothing better than having someone else prepare a treat for you if you’re a mom. Remember – it doesn’t have to be perfect – just come from the heart. Some suggestions you might like to try are:

  1. Some hard boiled eggs turned into little cats for breakfast

  2. A cat shaped chocolate cake – can’t go wrong with chocolate

  3. Get out some cookie cutters and make cat sandwiches for brunch

  4. No bake cookies rolled in coconut make a cute “hairball” snack

  5. Not too talented in the kitchen? Turn some Oreo cookies into cat faces.


Always near and dear to my heart, if your mom is a reader you can’t really go wrong with a gift of books. Whether she likes a cozy mystery, a chilling page-turner or some non-fiction; rest assured your local bookseller has an abundance of cat titles to choose from. Think your mom has enough books already? (Trust me, there’s no such thing!) You can go with some really cute cat bookends to keep the books she already has nice and tidy.


If mom takes pride in her flower beds or backyard garden you really can’t go wrong with some cat statuary to make her smile every time she goes out to weed and prune. Local garden centers usually carry a wide range. You can pick up a large statue for the backyard or a medium sized one for the front flowerbed. If mom’s not into gardening so much or lives in apartment with houseplants you can even find some little ones to nestle into flower pots.


Maybe mom likes to relax with a cup of coffee. Admittedly, some might be a little more difficult to find while others are commonly on your grocery store shelf. Package it together with a whimsical cat mug and it makes the perfect gift for the coffee loving mom.

Mom more of tea drinker … you can cover that too - especially with Cammomeow and Pawpermint flavors.


Maybe mom likes a glass of wine once in while. Red, white or rose, there are many wines branded with cat related labels. Some even come in cat shaped bottles which I understand have become quite the collector’s items.

Bundle those up with some wine glasses, glass charms or even a wine bottle holder and it will definitely bring a smile to mom’s face.


Many department stores, stores like IKEA, and even some grocery stores carry cute items for around the house. Maybe mom would like some tea towels, oven mitts, a shower curtain or a welcome mat to let visitors know she likes cats.


Maybe mom doesn’t mind showing off her feline fascination when she goes out. Cat themed accessories are all the rage now and can be found almost anywhere.

How about some jewelry? You can find anything from earrings to necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Purses are always a big hit for mother’s day. If she’s not quite ready to commit to a cat purse, how about a tote for her shopping or a wallet.

Mom may like some kitty cat socks or slippers to keep her feet nice and warm?


It took a little digging, but yes, you can even find cat shaped make-up. What cat-loving mom wouldn't like to pull out a compact with a paw print on it? If you don’t want to commit to picking make up colors for her what about a make up bag with a cute little kitty on it.


This option if a little on the pricier side but it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Consider a gift box subscription for the cat-lover. There are many – oh so many – different companies that offer this. For a monthly fee (many offer you a choice of how often to send a box and different price levels) you can assure that mom and her kitties get a box once a month (or so) filled with treats, toys and information all geared towards cats.


Is mom planning a trip soon? Does she spend a few weeks at the cottage this summer? Is there a destination-wedding coming up?

Don’t let her worry about what is going to happen to her cat(s) while she is not at home. Give her a gift certificate for some cat sitting services. It’s a thoughtful gift that can put her mind at ease while she is enjoying her time away with the family or a girl’s weekend.


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