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The Capricorn cat is unpredictable - shy one minute and aggressive the next.  It has a strong parental side considering all the world's inhabitant's its "children".  They enjoy doing things out of the ordinary such as sleeping in the bathtub on hot days or drinking right from the faucet.  Often frightened by things other cats do not fear such as shadows on the wall, dark places or high places. They feel secure sleeping under the bed or tucked behind the shoes in the closet.

The Aquarius cat is easily bored so loves action and stimulation.  Deep down inside aquarius cats are "tom boys" (regardless of their gender) and love anything that requires them to run around and climb.  They do not openly display thier emotions, they will not sulk or complain unless truly bothered,  The Aquarius cat dearly loves his family but, at heart, he is a loner.

The Pisces cat is often called psychic, sensitive with the ability to see inside the souls of others.  They are kind, gentle, understanding and aware, adjusting themselves to almost any situation.  You Pisces cat can often be seen sitting at your feet, wrapping around your legs, gazing into your eyes and "speaking" to you with and understanding cat sigh.  They often mirror your emotions.  The Pisces cat enjoys soft music. They may like being near flowing water and can often be found sleeping in the bathtub on hot days.

The Aries cat will always be a kitten. They feel the world revolves around them & you are there to do their bidding.  They can be self centered - they are the boss & that's just the way it is.  Very impetuous & curious, charging about looking for an adventure. If they can't find one they will create their own.
They have the blood of a hero in their veins.  A real swashbuckler of a cat with a lot of energy, drive, and daring. 

The Taurus cat is calm and predictable in behavior. Being around a Taurus cat may lower your blood pressure and ease headaches, radiating peace and contentment.  They love to curl up in your lap while you're reading and love to snuggle under the covers at bedtime. Taurus cats thrive in an atmosphere that is familiar and built on routine. They are accommodating cats, not easily angered. They are loyal but display a possessive streak where affections are concerned. They seem to like to listen to good music and possesses a rather melodious voice which is used often. 

Naturally curious, “indoor” Geminis may be high-strung/anxious but respond well in a soothing environment. They may hate to be restrained but their intelligent nature will allow you to prevail if you supplement the experience with favorite treats & loving praise. Gemini cats were born for the limelight - natural showstoppers that perform for the reaction they get from you so hello YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.  They offer affection on their terms, sometimes cuddling close and sometimes needing their own space. Dominant Traits: Alertness, Intelligence, People Friendliness

Cancer cats are instinctively gentle with children and the elderly.  They are sensitive cats and respond to gentle stroking and tender loving care --they love being pampered. But don't roughhouse with your Cancer cat or you might find yourself being hissed at or worse.

A Cancer cat is shy and can be moody. Sometimes he'll act like a loner, and sometimes he'll want to be one of the gang.

Cancer cats have excellent memories and, if treated badly, will not soon forgive or forget.

Dominant Traits:  Sensitivity, Moodiness and Strong Paternal/Maternal Instincts

A Libra cat cherishes his family so intensely that he may pace and cry at the door while you are out. He will adjust himself to your schedule expecting you to arrive home at the same time each day. Libra cats have a heart of gold & will turn even a non-cat person into an instant ally but they can be a little pushy with guests at times. They rarely express anger, but look out when they do. It's a good thing that they don't hold a grudge. Libras always stand out due to their perfect grooming. They are extremely conscientious about their appearance. The Libra Cat will act purrfectly in any situation.


Dominant Traits: Pushiness, Charm, Intelligence

Leo cats are kings & queens & everyone in their domain loyal subjects.  Leos respond well to grooming, after all, they’re vain & want to look their best. If they jump and miss their mark, don’t laugh at them - they’re proud.  There is no mistaking a Leo when they swish into the room with a regal presence.  These are no wallflowers cowering in the corner.  Once adopted, they rule with a loyal heart. They’re friendly, gracious with visitors, confident & loving but demanding.  A Leo cat truly is a little big cat and if treated like a royalty, all will be peaceful in their kingdom. 

DOMINANT TRAITS:  Pride, Confidence, Affection

Scorpio cats are powerful with more than a mere sting in their tail.  Very intuitive with penetrating eyes, the Scorpio Cat is emotional, possessive, secretive, glamorous and intense. Either a loyal friend or a vehement enemy they will plot revenge when mad at you.  Never turn your back on one!  This cat never forgets that you forgot to say hello when you got home or good bye when you left.  Very curious, hunting in drawers and closets looking for soft, fluffy items to use in their beds or just hide from you. They're not being bad, just nosy.  The Scorpio Cat is always drawn to those who are not fond of cats. 

Dominant Traits: Strength, Intuition, Passion

Virgo cats demand only the best & frown upon anything less than perfect. No dirty litter or day-old food for these cats - they keep themselves neat & clean & expect their environment to be the same. Extremely loving, they know when you are ill trying to snuggle up to the part of you that is hurting. This makes Virgo cats wonderful companions for the blind & hearing impaired - they intuitively understand what is needed & are happy to oblige. Their favorite spot is often a sunny windowsill to watch birds but they like to know there is always a safe place to hide away when things get too hectic. 

Dominant Traits:  Cleanliness, Empathy, Shyness 

Sagittarius cats are straightforward and outgoing, often taking risks other cats wouldn't dare but is lucky always landing on those strong cat feet.  They have an insatiable curiosity & want to experience everything.  Open doors are irresistible invitations to wander and explore.  They like affection but hate it if you smother them.  When you're sad they will cheer. Sometimes you will feel they are not too bright - they are - it's just their hasty movements that get them in trouble.  As they get older, they become philosophical & prefer to sit on the front porch and contemplate where they've been and what they've done.

Dominant Traits: Cheerful, Playfulness, Adventure

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