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Cats are wonderful companions for people of all ages.  As we all do, seniors love their cats and are very attached to their four-legged family members.  There are so many advantages to seniors owning pets that the thought of a fur-baby having to leave the home because of a few challenges is both a sad prospect emotionally and from a health/happiness perspective.


Granted, at certain times, the day-to-day care of cats can become challenging for seniors as it can for any of us.  Mobility or health issues can make something as simple as cleaning the litter box a formidable task.  Seniors with fragile skin or compromised immune systems are more susceptible to various diseases so not handling cat litter might be a good preventative measure.  Litter boxes should be scooped once a day.  Cats are finicky creatures and sometimes a dirty litter box will dissuade the cat from using it and they end up doing their personal business elsewhere.  If this happens it can become a permanent and odorous habit, difficult to deal with “after the fact”.


How can I help?  Regular visits to take care of the litter can alleviate the concern of a dirty litter box for both the owner and the kitty.  One familiar person visiting on a regular basis is stress free for both owner and kitty and as an added advantage ensures all is well with the senior pet owner.  Ongoing service is offered at a special rate.


Most senior pet owners are happy, healthy and active, retired or with reduced work schedules – ready to enjoy life to the fullest.  Enjoying life often means taking those vacations that you have dreamed of during all those years of working.  Retirement is definitely the time to go on those long anticipated trips but what does it mean for your cat?  Does traveling mean you have to be cat free?  Absolutely not! 


How can I help?  I can let you enjoy worry free travel by providing daily visits to clean the litter, give your kitty fresh food and water, some playtime and cuddles (if the kitty is willing).  Does you cat get brushed daily? Or have their teeth brushed?  – I can do that too.  This means your fur-baby will be cared for without being boarded in a cage.  Remaining in their own home, fed with familiar food and having their own toys to keep them occupied is less stressful for your cat(s).  There will be only one new person for your cat to get used to – me.  Other added advantages?  Your mail, newspapers and flyers will be brought in daily and I will be at you home every day to make sure everything is in order.  Of course, cuddles, head bonks and unlimited petting are included at no extra charge.  Contact me for rates.

When you own a cat it is important to have someone to take care of your cat when you travel or become ill.

With "Stay at Home Kitty" cat sitting you can rest assured that your pet will always be lovingly cared for. 

Cat Sitting gift certificates are available.

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