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Cat Sitting Services

In home cat care is perfect when you need to be away whether for one night or an extended period of time.


At our initial consultation we share information about your cat(s); names, preferences, location of litter, emergency and veterinary contacts and the date(s) you will be away I will make a daily visit to your home while you need to be away.  During this visit I will feed your cat, provide fresh water and clean the litter.  If your kitty is playful or enjoys brushing I will be more than happy to spend some time doing that too. Don't tell on me but I especially enjoy playtime and kitty cuddles!

I will also bring in your mail, saving you from having to put a "mail stop" in place.  If you do not have automatic timers I will leave a different light on so that your home will have that "lived in" look.


      * Cage free

      * more cost effective than boarding, especially for multiple cat households

      * less stress for your cat because kitty does not have to leave home

      * one consistent care giver so your cat does not have to adjust to different people every day

      * someone is at your home every day to make sure everything is in order

      * cuddles, head bonks and unlimited petting are always included at no extra charge


      * I would be happy to consider feeding, water and cage cleaning for other small mammal - gerbils, hamsters, rabbit, etc.  Sorry but furry babies only.  NO reptiles, fish or birds.      

      * if you would like I can send a daily email letting you know how your fur baby is doing

      * mail, flyers and newspapers will be brought in daily

      * a car will be parked in your driveway once a day and lights will be on so your house does not appear empty

Other times you may need a cat sitter ...
Cat Sitting for Seniors

Seniors enjoy their pets

and cannot imagine

ever giving them up BUT

the reality is that

sometimes seniors have a

difficult time coping with

the day to day care of animals. Even something as simple as

cleaning the litter can be

difficult.  I have special

rates for long term, ongoing

care for senior citizens needing

a little help.  Trips to the vet

can also be arranged for

scheduled, routine visits.


Everyone knows cleaning cat litter is dangerous for expectant moms.  No matter how careful you are - why take the chance?  Special rate for a quick visit to clean the litter for you.

Hospital Stay

If you are anticipating a hospital stay it will ease your mind to know that someone is coming in to look after your cat while you are away.

Temporary Immobility

Broken leg?  Broken arm? Hip surgery? There are any number of reasons you may find it temporarily difficult to clean the litter.  Special rate for coming for a quick visit to clean the litter for you.

Other Small Fur Babies?

I would be happy to consider feeding, water and cage cleaning for other small mammals - gerbils, hamsters, rabbit, etc.  Sorry, but furry babies only - NO snakes, fish, birds or turtles.


Special Circumstances?  Questions?

Still have questions or concerns?

Anything I haven't addressed?

Feel free to contact me on the "Contact" page!

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