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Would you like your fur-baby(s) to be a "Kitty of the Month"?  

Email me a pic with your kitty's name and a few fun facts about your him/her.  Include a link to a facebook page if you have one.  Maybe your fur-baby can be the next internet sensation!

December 2017

I kitty sat Felix last month and when I tried to send my daily update emails to his pawrents my auto correct would always change his name from Felix to Feliz … my phone already seemed to be in the festive spirit ... obviously it was a sign. Felix was meant to be the December holiday “Kitty of the Month”. Felix is a senior gentleman with some health issues, but that doesn’t stop him from exploring his kitty-proof backyard every day or from being a friendly kitty who loves to tell stories. I visited with Felix in the evenings and, let me tell you, what better way to wind up the day than spending time with a cuddly, purring cat in your lap. So, Happy Holidays from Felix and from me.

February 2017

This green-eyed beauty is Miss Scribbles and she is quite the local internet sensation with her own Facebook page at Miss Scribbles the Kitty.  She keeps her followers enthralled with daily antics including hall checks and balcony peep holes.  She LOVES her special Sunday bacon brunch.  She is 5-years old and lives with her momma, who spoils her terribly ... all well deserved

of course!

April 2017

This little girl waving at you is my grand-kitty, Sherbert.  Born at our house, I guess it was love at first sight because we were not allowed to even consider finding her another fur-ever home.  She moved away to help her mommy at college, then moved to the big city where she was quite content to be a high-rise kitty.  Now she lives in Vancouver.  Sherbert is a shy little thing who loves nothing better than snuggling down on her mommy’s bed waiting for cuddles or catching treats tossed in the air for her.  She is Stay at Home Kitty’s April “Kitty of the Month” because she wants to wish her Momma (my daughter) Happy Birthday this month.

March 2017

(a homage to KEDI - The Street Cats of Istanbul)

Tombili became internet-famous when a photo of him lounging went viral. Tombili was a street cat, but the cat’s chubby body and sweet demeanor suggests he had plenty of humans who made sure he was taken care of!  After the sweet kitty passed away, the cherished feline received one of the highest honors anyone can get – a statue erected in his honor! A petition signed by 17,280 people asked for a sculpture of the famous cat, so sculptor Seval Şahin built the commemorative piece. The sculpture was revealed on World Animal Day, October 4th 2016, in the exact same location where Tombili posed for the famous picture.

May 2017

So sad ...

I've had no volunteers for "Kitty of the Month".

All it takes is to email me a picture of you fur baby(s) and a little bit about what makes them so special to you.

If you would like a link to a facebook or instagram page I can do that.  If you prefer to remain anonymous I can do that too.

So get your camera out and give your kitty(s) 5 minutes of fame.

June 2017

When I asked, last month, for people to send in pics of their cats and their story I received the following lovely email from Joe C. and his pretty girl, Pixie

     "Pixie is 7 years old.  She's a medium calico and if there is ever anything such as a therapy cat - Pixie is the best therapy cat!  I have been recovering from ankle fusion surgery for a little over a year.  She knows when I'm in pain and gets right on top of me to stop me from moving.  When I had the surgery she knew which leg was sore and knew to lay beside me but not close to the cast.
     Also she adjusted where she ate at her bowl and ate from the other direction to be sure her tail wasn't in way of the wheelchair tires.  LOL  She also takes care of Madelaine, my neighbour, who comes over to visit 2-3 times a day with treats.  If Madelaine hasn't been over by noon she meows at the door to tell me to check on Madelaine.  Today she got out into the hallway outside my apartment and she had me up and down the hall three times to get my steps in.  She must be in cohoots with my physiotherapist. LOL
     Everyone that visits says Pixie is a very special kitty."

Thanks for sharing Joe, Pixie sounds like she is taking good care of you.


July 2017

These two boys are brothers from different mothers.  Niko is the gorgeous tuxedo and Gerard is the very handsome ginger.  Niko is a little shy but he enjoys his cuddles, ahem ... on his own terms.  Gerard is pretty mellow and takes things in stride, but keep an eye on him around dinnertime – he can be a little bossy – pushing his brother out of the way to get some “extras” for himself. 

These two were both adopted as adult cats from different homes for different reasons and they are VERY happy now and well loved in their fur-ever home with Maureen and Rick L.

August 2017

August's "Kitties of the Month" are HERCULES, MINNIE & MORIARTY and their mama Carol wants to wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Twelve years ago Carol and her husband were ready to adopt two kittens.  Looking forward to bringing them home they went to pick up the boys but they realized taking the two would leave one little kitten behind.  She was the teeniest of the litter and no one had chosen her to love yet.  Well, that just wouldn’t do as far as Carol was concerned so that day Minnie went to her new fur-ever home with her two brothers.

As is so often true with siblings they each have their own, very distinct, personalities ... 

Hercules is aptly named – he’s the “strong man/scoundrel”.  When he gives you head bonks you know you’ve been bonked!  But, he’s also a bit of a tease playing hard to get and then enjoying himself when he finally gives in to playtime or petting. 

Minnie is the “princess” – she’s adorably cute and she knows it.  She’s also still the tiniest of the family – but she plays that card well – loving the attention of petting and cuddles.  Still she manages to hold her own around her brothers; no pushing her away from her food or taking over a game of red dot when she’s playing.

Moriarty is “the gentleman” – he is cautiously polite, staying close by to keep an eye on things and maybe allowing a pet or two and joining in a game if the mood strikes.  But, while he’ll always be courteous to others, his heart belongs only to his mama.

Their mama adores them all and … sorry to spill your secret Carol … spoils them just a little bit (okay, maybe a lot).  I’ll just say they are very well loved and leave it at that!


September 2017

I always tell people "cats have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember" and here's some photo proof.  I honestly can't tell you how old I am in the pic ... embarrassing enough that it's B&W ... but it was taken in Germany so I know I was less than 5 years old.  

The kitty?  We had a Max and we had a Morris (named after the characters in a German children's book) and I can't swear to which one this is.  All the kitties I remember were black and white ... I think my mom had a soft spot for tuxedo cats.

October 2017


Let me introduce you to Scrappy, Louie and Bella.  Since it’s Halloween I'm letting these three black beauties “represent”.  Scrappy is a lovable scamp, Louie is an affectionate boy who loves to play & Bella is an adorable little girl who doesn’t let her brothers get away with anything and has a soft spot in her heart for one certain young man!  Let me assure you – these three put any and all pre-conceived negative notions about black cats firmly to rest.

KUDOS to Britain, Japan and the many other countries where black cats are considered good luck.

November 2017

MOvember or MEOWvember

Everyone should take care of their health!

This moustachioed fellow is Max, a Stay at Home Kitty senior cat, and the “Kitty of the Month”.  Max loves nothing better than to relax on “his” desk or looking out the window.  Even as senior gentleman he still likes a short game of red dot or playing with his feather on a string.  Let his cute moustache remind all the kitty dad’s out there to book that doctor’s appointment and get tested for men’s health related issues like prostate and testicular cancer. His handsome face & dapper moustache should also be a reminder for MEOWvember – next time your kitty goes to the vet make sure they have healthy urinary tracts!

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