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Thanks for visiting Stay at Home Kitty.

It's always difficult when you have to entrust the care of your fur babies to someone else, especially if that someone else is a stranger. So let me tell you a little about me.

After 20 years of working behind a desk my company decided to make some changes and my position was "down-sized" into non-existence.  The writing had been on the wall for some time so it was not a complete surprise.  At my age I'm a little past starting in an entry level position somewhere else.

I have been thinking about doing something on my own for a long time and thinking specifically about starting a cat sitting service.

When my eldest daughter had her destination wedding anyone who I would trust with a key to my home and to look after my cats was coming with us so we hired a lovely lady (since retired) to care for our four fur babies. She put my mind at ease before we left and I know our cats were well cared for while we were away. She even left a little "report card" on the kitchen table telling us about her daily visits while we were gone. There was one cat she never did get to see in the six days she was coming because the kitty was so shy she never showed herself when strangers were in the house, but at least we knew her food and water were fresh and the litter boxes were clean.


That's the kind of service and peace of mind I want to offer my clients!

Cats have been a part of my family life for as long as I can remember. Whether it was just one kitty or multiples ... purring was always the soundtrack playing in the background.  My oldest daughter, who chose to go into the veterinary industry, swears none of us have allergies because we have inhaled cat fur all our lives. Yes, we've welcomed dogs, hamsters, fish and even a rabbit into our family over the years and loved them all, but they always had to get along with the resident cat(s).

In January 2017 I completed the St. John's Ambulance Pet First Aid course and am now certified.

Look around my webpage, follow me on facebook (link at the bottom of the page), email or call with any questions or concerns you may have about leaving your kitties in my care.


Even if you are not in the need of a cat sitter right now sign up for my monthly "mews"letter.  i TRY to send them on the 15th of every month (sometimes life gets busy and that doesn't happen ... now I understand why companies hire people to manage social media) and they will be focused on fun and will hopefully be informative too ... all cat related of course.  Your email will be kept totally confidential and "mews"letters will only be once a month.  I will not spam your inbox but should an important announcement be made regarding such things as cat food recalls, I will send out a short email.

Gift certificates are now available for gift giving opportunities.


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